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Protection of the environment has become one of the major priorities of our fellow citizens, but also for industry. If this notion is making headway in industry, this is partly because it has an obligation to comply with the legislation, but also because of the economic and financial dimension which has been thrust upon it. Beyond these rational approaches, certain « community-respecting companies » adopt a voluntarist approach, because they are convinced that the environment affects public health, the biodiversity of species and the future of coming generations.

Since the early 1970s, the pollution emitted by industrial activities has considerably reduced. French industry promotes the preservation of the environment through its investment in research and development. The improvements obtained by the implementation of the best technologies available and by the use of waste processing techniques, reduce the pollution of the neighbourhood. The increasing sensitivity of public opinion with respect to environmental matters, has led to a substantial increase in concern for the quality of water, air, the ground and public health.

Greater consideration for the chronic effects of emitted substances on public health, will constitute one of the major challenges for the years to come.

Thanks to its experience in the environmental field and in foundry technologies, CTIF is able to provide considerable effective support at every stage of your environmental approach.

Penal responsibility has obliged company management to understand that in the event of any serious pollution, they may subject to legal action. By being better informed, you are in a better position to conduct your negotiations. CTIF is your partner for identifying the hazards at every instant in the lifetime of your company.