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Household heating laboratory

2_200x640The household heating activity is based on more than 60 years’ experience. The laboratory performs regulatory or voluntary certification tests on household heating and cooking appliances.

On the strength of its total independence and thanks to the close ties which it has developed with various partners (AFNOR, ATITA, ATG, etc.), the laboratory applies all its skills to satisfying the needs of prime contractors, and intervenes at all stages of the lifetime of products. In this context, our laboratory is able to undertake audits on behalf of customers, of their own laboratories and personnel training.

The COFRAC approval of the laboratory (COFRAC Essais – Accréditation n°1-0060 – Portée disponible sur www.cofrac.fr) for testing of gases, solid or liquid fuels and charcoal barbecues, is a pledge of quality for customers.

Liquid and solid fuels activity

therm.dom_200x172The household thermal laboratory is the first French laboratory to be notified for tests in accordance with standards NF EN 13229 and NF EN 13240.

The tests required for CE marking and also for the award of the NF mark, are performed at the various available hubs, of which a new one was commissioned in 2006.

Barbecues are also tested in order to verify their compliance with decree No. 2006-18 dated 4 January 2006 concerning the safet

Gaseous fuels activity

4_200x640The tests consist in checking the compliance of appliances with respect to the requirements of European Directive 90/396/CEE.

They may be undertaken on a private basis for checking purposes, or may be requested by a notified organisation in order to achieve certification and CE marking.

All appliances, such as boilers, cookers, barbecues, stoves, blow-torches or even heated sun-shades, of up to 70 kW rating may be tested on our premises.